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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Free M/F Story - Shameful and Lewd Behaviour

Here's a naughty little story for you ... very tongue in cheek.:)


Shameful and Lewd Behaviour © Abigail Armani/AKA Lucy Appleby

She shrieked with laughter as he chased her off the main path in the park and into the wooded area beyond.

"You just wait, girl," he panted. "You just wait til I catch you!"

She paused for a moment, turning her head to look back over her shoulder. She knew he could easily outrun her if he chose to. This was all pretence ... all part of the glorious game they played.

"Oh yeah? And then what, noodle arm?" she taunted.

"Noodle arm?" he blustered. "I'll give you noodle arm!" He gave chase in earnest, fuelled by a spike of adrenalin at the sight of her long legs and those gloriously swaying hips in her tight skirt. She couldn't run fast in that thing, particularly with those three-inch heels. He soon caught up with her, grabbing her round the waist.

She giggled and squirmed in his grasp, her face flushed with excitement and exertion. "Hey ... where are we going?"

"I think you know, girl." He grinned wickedly as he steered her towards the ramshackle hut that had been long abandoned by the park keepers and gardening team. Somehow, in spite of its great age, it was still standing, and endured the occasional use of walkers caught out in a rain shower, or enthusiastic bird watchers as they viewed the herons on the lake from the crumbling west window.

But there was no one inside now, and as the door creaked slowly open, Tom pushed her inside and closed the door behind them, pulling at the rusty old bolt that provided a makeshift lock. The place smelled of damp and earth and mouse droppings. The windows were dirty, festooned with cobwebs, and the only furniture that remained in this place was a rickety wooden chair and a long wooden bench in a shadowy corner.

"What do you have in mind I wonder?" she said with a toss of her head. Her eyes sparked green glints in the gloomy interior.

"I'm going to shag you senseless woman, but first I'm going to give you a damn good spanking to remind you who's in charge round here."

"Such depravity," she hissed, but her face was animated, her nostrils flaring with anticipation, and a raw, animal hunger that had been building since their chase through the woods.

He sat on the old chair and pulled her close, pulling her tight skirt up over the swell of her hips. "Over you go," he said, and levered her over his lap. Her bottom smiled up at him, encased in red lace. He yanked down her panties without ceremony, hearing her sharp intake of breath as she was bared to his gaze. "That's better," he said, eyeing her delectable curves. She had an arse to die for did Miriam: large and round and meaty, with a pronounced cleft bisecting the twin creamy hillocks.

"What if someone comes?!" she warned, the first hint of panic creeping into her voice.

"Well I plan on doing so, and I reckon you will too. So we'd best get started, huh ... to get you in the mood for the frisky big old snake in my pants."

His hand splatted down on her bottom. He spanked hard and fast, grunting his approval as her skin rapidly reddened beneath the onslaught.

"Owwww!" she yelped. "Is that your hand or a frying OW! pan?!"

He didn't reply, but continued spanking methodically, watching the jiggling buttocks depress and bounce, spurred on by her squirming and whimpers. He knew the effect a spanking would have on her. His fingers strayed to her slick sex. He was right. She was hot and wet and ready for him. His teasing fingers toyed with her, then he spanked on until she was writhing and unashamedly rubbing her crotch against his hand.

Then there came the crunch of footfalls and the sound of querulous voices drawing ever closer.

"Stop moaning, Mabel ... we'll go in here."

"Oh yes, Arthur. My feet are killing me. I need a sit down."

The couple inside the hut gazed at one another.

"They can't get in," Tom whispered, "and I'm not waiting any longer." He pulled Miriam to her feet and pushed her towards the bench in the corner.

"Tom ... surely you're not thinking of ... oooooh," she moaned as he bent her over the bench and whipped out his big boy snake, pressing it against her heated cheeks.

"Oh but I am." He adjusted his stance and steered his rigid member to her sex, impaling her with one powerful thrust.

"Ahhhhhh." That felt so good. Miriam began inclining her hips, rolling back to meet his thrusts.

"Dammit, the darn thing's locked," snapped Arthur as he tried the door.

"Bother! Give it a good shove, Arthur," said Mabel. "It might just be stuck."

"I'll give it a good shove," growled Tom as he thrust hard and fast and deep.

"Oooo Tommmm," moaned Miriam. "Give it to me good. Shove it in."

The old door rattled as Arthur pulled and shoved at it. "Can't get in," he grumbled.

"Oh no," said Mabel.

"Oh yesssss," breathed Miriam.

Tom put his hand over her mouth. She was a screamer was Miriam. He didn't want those two old dears having a heart attack thinking murder was being committed inside the hut. He pounded into her with everything he had. His big boy snake had quite a workout.


On Monday morning, Miriam relived every delicious minute of her weekend encounter, and was quite put out when the defence barrister finished his gibbering and sat down, looking at her expectantly.

Shaking herself out of her pleasant reverie she banged her gavel down on the bench. Justice Miriam Withers had a reputation for decisive and stringent sentencing. She turned her attention to the middle-aged man on the stand.

"Charles Hartley. You are convicted of indecent exposure in a public place. Shameful and lewd behaviour! Shameful I say! The Court hereby fines you £400 payable immediately." At least I don't get caught she thought to herself, and smirked.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Real Men Not Dinosaurs

Sales of romantica ebooks are growing at a colossal pace. We all know the frisson of reading a bit of smut in a public place ... prying eyes are unable to see clearly what you have stashed on your Kindle or Nook, and as the man with the refreshment trolley wanders down the train handing out overpriced coffee and sandwiches, I'm quietly and privately devouring the latest hot stuff, courtesy of electronic media. I still love books of course - real books are my friends! There's something special about a hardback book from an author you especially enjoy, and you can fondle the pages to your hearts content!

Anyhow I digress. Moving from fondling paper to fondling actual people ... ah, but is it always people? The goalposts are continually shifting, and we've moved way past vampire erotica into the realms of hot chicks being bonked senseless by angels, zombies and cyborgs - though not all three at once ... but if that's your thing, you never know ...

Werewolf romance became huge and has subsequently morphed into a much broader shapeshifter genre that encompasses werepanthers and werebears and were-anything-else-you-can-think-of. I wonder if the female heroines of such works develop crippling allergies to fur and sneeze their pretty little heads off during passionate lovemaking?

And then we have ... wait for it ... Monster erotica, also known as monster porn or cryptozoological erotica. Within this you get sex with Bigfoots (of the smelly hairy animal kind, not your man's feet) dinosaur porn, or tentacle porn. All of which stretches the bounds of credibility, wouldn't you agree? Where can the industry possibly go next I wonder?

I'm in a quandary here. Quite aside from the fact that dinosaurs died out zillions of years ago (okay, we authors are creative in our use of artistic licence) what I can’t quite get my head around, given that these creatures are bloody HUGE, are the um ... physical accommodation factors.

Dinosaur sex anyone? No thanks, not for me. I reckon I'll stick to writing romance with a dash of kink, involving real men.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Free M/F story - Anyone for Vindaloo?

Ok, so I've been very naughty in not making time to post on my blog. I am making amends .... and here we are, a fun story. Enjoy :)

Anyone for Vindaloo © Abigail Armani/AKA Lucy Appleby

"What's a vindaloo?" asked Brian. "It isn't something hot, is it? I'm not used to eating all this foreign stuff."

"Oh no. It's incredibly mild," lied Rosie. "It isn't hot at all."

"Okay." Brian beckoned the waiter over with a flourish, keen to impress Rosie on their first proper date. "A vegetable korma for the lady, please - and I'll have a prawn vindaloo."

The waiter returned shortly with their order.

"It looks delicious," said Rosie.

"Mmmn," agreed Brian. "I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks? I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

Brian took a huge fork full of vindaloo and swallowed it down. And then ... and then his eyes bulged in shock and his mouth opened wide in terror. His face turned bright red and beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead.

"Aaaaaaargh!" he spluttered. "Aaaaaargh - me lips are on fire!!"

Rosie giggled. "Is it hot? I must have made a mistake. I'm terribly sorry."

You will be, thought Brian, grimly. "Get me some water!"

"Never mind. It's certainly put some colour in your cheeks."

Not half as much colour as I'm going to put into YOUR cheeks, Missy. "Get me more water!"

"Oh Brian. You do look funny with a bright red shiny face!"

Oh Rosie. You're going to look so very droll with your knickers down and your shiny red well-thrashed backside waving around. "Eat up, my sweet. I have a little surprise waiting for you at my place."

Brian took Rosie back to his apartment and escorted her into the sitting room. "Would you like your surprise now?"

"Oh yes! I love surprises," she beamed.

"That's good," he said, suddenly upending her over his lap and pulling down her knickers.

"Brian!" she yelled, outraged.

He produced an old slipper from under the couch and cracked it down on her bare bottom.

"BRIAN!!" she squealed.

"Never mind," Brian smiled. "It's certainly put some colour in your cheeks. You do look funny with your bright red shiny bottom."

"Aaaaargh! It hurts!"

"Yes, that's the idea." Brian whacked the big old slipper repeatedly across her rump. "And I'm going to carry on whacking until your bottom is as hot as a vindaloo! Let's see how YOU like it!"

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Annabelle and the Bandit

I have a new period western out; this one is a shorter read and for sale at only £0.99 in the UK, $0.99 for my friends over the pond. I have a new longer length book coming out next month, but more about that soon.

In the meantime, here's the blurb for Annabelle and the Bandit.


Following the death of her mother, the impoverished Annabelle travels from Boston to Kansas, and out to her uncle's ranch. To her dismay, she is not welcome there ... Uncle Jacob and his family are openly hostile, and Jacob drives her back to Dodge City. But they are confronted on the way by a masked man who knocks Jacob out cold, ties him to a tree and steals his wagon, his produce, and his wallet. Joshua Boyce is a real man from the tip of his battered Stetson down to his fringed jacket and leather boots. Annabelle wasn't part of his plan and he's unsure what to do with her, but once he hears her story, he contemplates the options. As for Annabelle, she soon learns that Boyce is a man of integrity, and the brooding cowboy is devilishly handsome too. Fate has brought them together, and Annabelle embarks on a new phase in her life. There are many things she must learn out on the prairie, obedience being one of them; when she deliberately disobeys, Boyce doesn't hesitate to give her a spanking to reinforce the lesson. But can two people thrown together for convenience actually make a go of things? Shouldn't love be part of the equation...?

You can find a complete list of Abigail Armani titles here, And a complete list of the books I've written under the pen name of Lucy Appleby here.

Annabelle and the Bandit is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Abducted and forced to strip .... Claimed by Her Master

Thought I'd share another extract from Claimed by Her Master. Vanessa has been abducted and forced on an arduous journey through the desert. When they reach the Oasis, she wonders what her fate will be ...

And from now on, I shall try to work less and blog more!

As they drew nearer, high palms came into view, their dense fronds providing shade to the terraces that overlooked the shimmering water. Behind the palms were various long, low buildings, not constructed of wood, but of bleached white stone. There were armed guards at the perimeter, and they drew back as Lutobi and Vanessa approached, openly leering at Vanessa.A tall man in a loose-fitting cream robe came into view. His black-pebble eyes gleamed from a face that was neither young nor old; but it was a dour, unsmiling face with no warmth.
“I’ll take her from here,” he said curtly to Lutobi. Directing his attention once again to Vanessa, he uttered one word. “Dismount.”

She did so, glad to feel the ground beneath her feet once more, and was gladder still when the metal collar was removed from her neck. She rubbed the chafed skin and cast a dark look at Lutobi, which was wasted as he paid her no further attention and was already moving away with the horses.

“This way,” said the tall man.

He led the way through a wide archway which led to a courtyard with fountains and palms. Turning left, he gave Vanessa a shove through another archway. The floor beneath her feet was paved with white slabs of stone. At the end of the walkway was a door which was thrown open as they approached. A stout woman of middle-age stood there. Her skin was the colour of dark walnut and unlike most other women she wore her hair closely cropped.

“Ahmed.” She gave a slight nod of her head.

“Get her cleaned up,” the tall man said. “Shaker will inspect the new arrivals tomorrow. How many do we have?”

“With this one, ten.”

“Very well.” He nodded, turned, and strode off back down the walkway.

The woman looked unsmilingly at Vanessa. “I am Myar, and you will do as I instruct. Come with me.”

Vanessa glared yet followed. She had little choice. She was led into a small cell-like room with white-washed walls. It contained a narrow window, a bed, and a chest at the base of the bed. The door had a small barred window and locked from the outside. There was also a bucket opposite the bed. What luxurious accommodation, thought Vanessa grimly.

From the chest, Myar retrieved a hairbrush and a grey robe. “Strip,” she said.

Publisher's note: This book is intended for mature audiences as it contains corporal punishment and scenes of a sexual nature.

You can find a complete list of Abigail Armani titles here, And a complete list of the books I've written under the pen name of Lucy Appleby here.

Claimed by Her Master is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Friday, July 01, 2016

Sexy new Chloe Carpenter book: Lord Ingram's Little Girl

Just wanted to give a thumbs up to Chloe Carpenter's new release - a hot Victorian romance with an ageplay theme. It's so sexy and a great read.
Lord Ingram's Little Girl is her first Victorian erotic novella, and here's the publisher's blurb.
When Frederick Grenville stakes his house in a game of cards, he loses the wager. The Duke of Stanton offers him a way out - Frederick may keep his house in return for his daughter Charlotte, who will be given to the Duke for his sexual pleasures. Having no love for the girl, Frederick agrees to the proposition, and the next morning the Duke sends his son, Lord Ingram to collect the girl. Charlotte is horrified to discover she has been given away to the repugnant Duke, and begs Lord Ingram to help her. He considers this, for he is a man with very specific tastes in women, and Charlotte's appearance and submissive nature appeal to him. Defying his father, he takes Charlotte to one of his secret residences, Stoneleigh Hall. But there is a price to be paid ... Charlotte must obey him at all times and be subject to his rules and discipline.

It soon becomes clear to Charlotte that instead of being the plaything of the father, she is to become the plaything of the son. He installs her in the nursery quarters at Stoneleigh and her clothes are replaced by little girl dresses and early bedtimes. Her new papa does not hesitate to spank and punish her when she disobeys his wishes. But Charlotte finds herself becoming increasingly enamoured with the handsome, decadent Lord Ingram. He awakens her sexual desires and trains her how to please him; and he also plays with her, reads her stories and pampers her, makes her laugh, and indulges her in so many ways... but he never planned to fall in love. His dominance and dashing good looks set Charlotte's heart racing, and the romantic bond between them grows. She learns to enjoy the fun spankings and is happy ... until she finds out about the other women Lord Ingram brought to Stoneleigh Hall. Will their ultimate fate also be hers?

Publisher's note
: Lord Ingram's Little Girl is an erotic Victorian novella that includes elements of ageplay and regression, plus detailed sexual scenes and anal play. Explicit punishments are administered to an adult woman; they include spankings, humiliation, corner time, and S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.

Lord Ingram's Little Girl is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Grammar ...

Here's a little reminder to all aspiring writers ... and so true! Those pesky little apostrophes are the cause of many a misunderstanding :)